The silent truth

There is a list of things I think about,
That never leave my mouth.
Behind teeth that act like barriers,
Honest thoughts are found
Lost. In the background of fear,
Sitting there spoiled,
They slowly decay.

I choke on sour truths,
Afraid to open my lips.



On fire

The heat between our skin
Burns of violent, sultry flames,
Sparking desire, an erotic blaze.

Our passion creates a wildfire,
Turning the sheets to ashes,
Igniting, two bodies as one,


Before the phoenix

Fearing the unknown,
Falling bored of the lifeless,
At the edge I stand still.
Before me I see future,
Infinity, showing possibility
As endless…

Still, I stand at the edge,
Motionless, stuck
Behind the shoreline
Of change.


Heart to Heart

I beg to be understood,
To feel the comfort of compassion,
To tune us into unison.

I cry to be seen,
To feel my heart meet my eyes,
To hear your beats match mine.

I explain myself like reaching out,
To feel us hold hands,
To surrender our souls,
Infinite embrace.