I cannot escape your cycle,
You’re poisonous, you’re a snake.
You slither over weak spots
With your sly and sinuous bends.
Your neurotoxic venom,
Infected yellow,
Drips halitosis from your fangs.
Devils spear,
Your sharp hissing hurts my ears.
Please, Let me find a place to hide,
My defenses are less violent.
My tiny teeth are innocence,
Painless daggers
To your mortal poison,
Sticky, acidic, piercing…
Like a crooked dagger
Through my heart.



I hope it’s you

I know one day all the things I keep inside will finally come out. I’ll be stumbling around trying to find someplace safe to put it and lock it up tight and I’ll trip face first over the mess I’ve made… I hope you catch me though. I hope you catch all of me. The tears and the secrets, the good and the bad will spill out and splatter, using our love as it’s drop mat. One day I will explode with pieces of my past and I hope you piece me back together like a puzzle you stay up late with. I hope you glue me back together with the same kisses you press on my skin after we make love. I want you to be the one to mend the parts that still hurt and to love the parts that have not been loved. I want you to be the one that knows all of me, but still falls more in love with me everyday.



I love the ways our bodies
Curve into each other,
The ways our hips rhyme rhythm,
How your words sing love
To the music of us.

I love the ways our hands
Intertwine as one,
The ways we silently sew
Our hearts together,
Making promises
One whole.