I cannot escape your cycle,
You’re poisonous, you’re a snake.
You slither over weak spots
With your sly and sinuous bends.
Your neurotoxic venom,
Infected yellow,
Drips halitosis from your fangs.
Devils spear,
Your sharp hissing hurts my ears.
Please, Let me find a place to hide,
My defenses are less violent.
My tiny teeth are innocence,
Painless daggers
To your mortal poison,
Sticky, acidic, piercing…
Like a crooked dagger
Through my heart.


8 Replies to “Predator”

  1. All the Myriad Rivers
    Under your Skin

    Suck me into your emerald eyes
    Pull me all the way down
    Your optic nerves

    Slithering around
    In the back of your mind
    I crave your pheromone inveigle
    Ache for the acrid
    smell of your wet fur

    You snap bolt upright
    your eyes abruptly wide
    As I slide down your spine
    In quest of your adrenals

    You shiver as I
    Golden liquid fire
    Course all the myriad rivers
    Under your skin

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