I feel the fight of survival,
A panic, a switch, a black out…
Back and forth opposites extremes.
I’m not two faced, I’m just confused,
Spasmodic frequencies leave me
Disconnected, broken up, it’s only feelings,
Lighten up, darken down,
I feel them both, a clashing pair.
I forget just who I am and where I’m at,
Because sometimes I feel the fight of survival
I have to remind myself that we’re not rivals.



6 Replies to “Mercurial”

  1. Very poignant and soul-deep passion with which I can certainly identify. The struggle, yes, that becomes a “panic, a switch, a black out… back and forth opposites extremes…” This strikes close to my heart. Thank you!

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  2. Wow; you completely captured the essence of this dichotomy with such finesse! It’s… breathtaking in its diction and imagery. Definitely resonated with me. Thanks for sharing something so personal ♥️ ~Kelsey

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