Hiding within the darkness,
Lurking lovingly in the shadows,
Afraid to come into open light,
Shame cursed itself, sliced silhouettes.
Dimming now, spying through windows,
Each shade another split of me.
Overcasts squirm from narrowed eyes,
Once again finding home in blacked out,
Eclipsed, grey matter.




I crave you,
All my wants have turned
To needs.
I burn with a flame
That is hot
Only for you,
Because only you
Have the power
To spread the fire
Tame it.


Your secret blue

I know you like to change colors,
But I know you at your core,
You’re blue.
Please do not try to fake it with me,
Showing orange and reds
Beneath your yellows.
Yes, vibrant green is many things,
But I know it’s not true.


On my own

Am I alone here,
Left with abandoned thoughts
In a graveyard lined with beds
All named ‘slaughtered hope’?

The sky dims and my mind blackens,
Reminding me,
Tonight will end just like the last,
Leaving me with questions
Always unanswered.



There’s a ghost in the mirror,
She sings songs with my face,
I have seen her before,
But we went separate ways.
The blues of her eyes
Still swallow me whole,
She’s dynamite explosion,
Too scared to let it show.
I want to be something
I’m afraid I’m not,
I’m too pretty to cry,
But too shy to be her.