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  1. I just want to say I am doing well and this is what the poem means to me…

    A mirror shatters like dreams no longer sought after and we may mourn them, but we can choose what we do next no matter how beaten down or raw we may feel. .
    Often we watch ourselves not go after things we want. We wait so long that sometimes the desire is gone or we do not have the same opportunity in front of us that we once had. Realizing, feeling this way, it’s shattering. It’s like watching it all fall and break right in front of your own eyes before it was even real. In that moment the dream dies, the desire dies because we have decided that it has. It has become a shattered mirror, our own broken reflection of ourselves. We can have any desire or dream we choose to have. We must carve our own path and choose to continue to have new desires. Sometimes choosing motivation is difficult when we are in downward spiral or feel there is no hope. I call this Slice of life because it is just that, a detail of ordinary life, just a slice of the unspoken parts of human.


    1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Slice of life usually doesn’t have dark overtones, mostly concentrating on moments in the day that don’t have any coherent connection to major life events. But good to see someone is exploring different depths and ways of expression 👍

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      1. Im glad you enjoyed 🙂 yes, you’re right! Slice of life is about examining those small, ordinary, yet often powerful moments of everyday life, offering insight into the small, common moments that might go unnoticed in bigger stories. Many times nothing much seems to happen to a slice of life character, but the emotions and reactions of the character are still understood. Also, I watch a lot of anime lol

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