I will hold space for you,
In my heart,
In my womb.
Another petal bruised
Affects my garden too.
So many colors,
So many shapes,
The masterpiece of woman.
Who would hurt something
So delicate, so welcoming,
So…soft with the need to love,
Heavy with desire to be loved?

I will hold space for you,
We can stand tall together.
Welcome the wind now,
I will catch you if you fall.





It turns into addiction
When you start to hurt yourself,
When one leads to another
And another leads to more.
I stand by and I watch you,
Your sadness brings out my pity,
But still I want to hold you,
I know this world is scary.
I also know that it’s a lie
When you say that you’re done,
Because when I turn my head away
I hear you pour another one.


Open ears (tanka)

A sliver in time
Shows remorse for souls left lost,
Suns rays dimming now.

Silence shows us blues in truth,
A reminder to listen.


Only lonely

Maybe I am only lonely
When lost in thoughts
That try and own me.

Maybe lonely only stole me
Just wanting to be close,
Only trying to know me.

Maybe this is the only
Silence, this empty space
I keep hearing scream,
Calling out to me,
Saying, “Listen closely.”



You speak lies
Behind what you call

I tell the truth,
You’ll know.

But so few words
May as well go

A voice muffled
by fear,
Is only words


Question everything

Desperately I cling to anything
These child sized hands can grasp.
The rain has poured in now and
Tries to drown us in our own tears,
Our faces sore from light, soft cloth
That has turned rough and heavy.
Behind duct taped mouths
We burn skin trying to speak.
I try to remind myself
Eyes can still smile, but do they
If mouths aren’t seen?
Only more to wonder,
But less to be seen.
The thinkers are the curious,
The truth seekers,
What could it all mean?


Survival instinct

I feel the weight but it’s still not enough
To keep me down, I keep getting up.
Maybe these stones are only heavy
On the chest, yet meant to break bones,
But the heart is strong and hopeful,
So it keeps pumping blood…
It just wants to live,
But we call this love.


(Unconditional love is often misunderstood and overpowered by our subconscious survival instincts and our needs and fears.)

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