Don’t go into the night carrying yellow roses,
Thick thorns pressed between finger tips
Like sharp shards of broken glass.
The pale blues of bruising lay within your skin,
A darkened sanctuary, a blanketed home of sadness.
Caress your wounds with patient hands,
Holding your sorrows, yellow petals fall at your feet.
Burning eyes, tears tell truth not lies.
Truth dripping, tragic stories like biting rain,
Beating heart like thunder in midnights sky.
(Lightening strikes)



Just getting started (a haiku)

I run around here,
My head cut off, my sides raw,
Still motivated.


I want Life as my best friend

I want to hold hands with happiness,
Eagerly but with open palms.

I want to let go the way birds fly away,
Graceful and sure of the next adventure.

I want to take in black and white as one,
The same but beautifully different.

I want to speak out,
The way flowers flash bright colors.

I want my desires to be planted seeds,
Growing in rich soil I water day and night.

I want to breathe in life deeply,
Taking in all the colors of earths auras.

I want to hold hands with happiness
And walk into the eye of the sun.



Reaching out,
You touch us with sadness,
Like bruised skin.

Life’s hand,
Life touches us with needles,
Like thorns on roses.

Suns rays,
Sun touches us with warmth,
Like smiles on faces.

Reaching out,
I touch us with hope,
Like hanging on.

Life’s hand,
Life touches us with chances,
Like unconditional love.

Moons light,
Moon touches us with truth,
Like opened hearts.


Fragmented Self

I sit with poisonous premises,
Promises becoming pestiferous.
Letting demons drown in darkness,
Dissolution divides differentia,
Breaking whole into broken.
At my feet I am scattered segments,
Slicing sinlessness with slander.
My subtle skin seeming a lie,
I count myself as one,
A thousand splits.


Rhyming Raucous

Salty puddles, salty tears,
Dusty waters, muffled ears.
I hear words that sound like spears,
Jabbing claws, lightning shears.
I make sounds that mimic hope,
Climbing up, deep deep slope.
Rough and tumble on words I choke,
Spitting back, filter broke.
I cry out with piercing shrieks,
Reaching out, fire peaks.
Such loud sounds, my pen speaks,
Pouring out, relentless leaks.



Hey, look, over here!
I’m your easiest way out.
I’ll take your shame,
Your guilt,
Your own self doubt.
Just push it off,
Put it on me,
The ultimate escape route.