Overcast (a haiku)

Cloudy thoughts blur truth,
Reality covered by
Old dusty goggles.


Heart to Heart

I beg to be understood,
To feel the comfort of compassion,
To tune us into unison.

I cry to be seen,
To feel my heart meet my eyes,
To hear your beats match mine.

I explain myself like reaching out,
To feel us hold hands,
To surrender our souls,
Infinite embrace.


Love unspoken

I think my mind writes to you
In love letters,
The kind no one reads
Out loud.

I feel my skin
Still tell you
Like it did
When we first met.


Ebb and Flow

Thoughts drip like rain upon a river,
Dropping words like fog and mist.
Water flows between and over stone,
Leaving a wet and forceful kiss.


Love poem (to myself)

I am not afraid
Of your heated, frosty bite
Or your icy, hot moods,
I embrace you always.

I am not afraid
When you turn away
Your eyes from mine,
I still hold your heart.

I am not afraid
Of your ‘weak’ spots
Or your ‘darker’ sides,
I want your vulnerability.

I am not afraid
Of what you keep inside
Or the thoughts you think,
I am not afraid to love you.