Before the phoenix

Fearing the unknown,
Falling bored of the lifeless,
At the edge I stand still.
Before me I see future,
Infinity, showing possibility
As endless…

Still, I stand at the edge,
Motionless, stuck
Behind the shoreline
Of change.



As we lay naked,
You outline my body,
Your fingertips tracing,
What you call perfection.

As we close our eyes,
Your touch paints me
As a seamless drawing
You name, flawless.


Heart to Heart

I beg to be understood,
To feel the comfort of compassion,
To tune us into unison.

I cry to be seen,
To feel my heart meet my eyes,
To hear your beats match mine.

I explain myself like reaching out,
To feel us hold hands,
To surrender our souls,
Infinite embrace.


Love unspoken

I think my mind writes to you
In love letters,
The kind no one reads
Out loud.

I feel my skin
Still tell you
Like it did
When we first met.