Confusion in faint light
Burns bright
And I’m realizing
I’m so lost…
Trying to find



I heard we must heal to grow,
But I feel stunted by the pain.
How can I expand,
When I keep pulling myself inside?
How do I improve,
When I just want to hide?
I hear the voice of reason,
Like a mouse that tries to shout.
Still, it’s difficult to really listen,
As my mind is yelling,
“Let me out!”


Looking glass

I cannot find you where I once had,
Or I am finding you different than before.
So curiously, I dissect you
Peeling off your outer shell.
Raw and untouched,
Ripe and virgin,
I am just as afraid as you.

I cannot see you as I once had,
Or I am seeing you different than before.
Is dimension another barrier?
Or a bridge in which to cross?
How do I touch you now?
How do you touch me?…

I miss the way we used to be,
We used to see eye to eye.
I look at you and reach to touch
The glass just as cold as your eyes.
Such a pretty face despite your tears,
Your fears they drip like mourning.
Every morning I wake up to find you,
Only finding you still gone.